That Girl

ok so theres this girl and i became friends with her on my first day of school and me do the fake punch thing where if you flinch its two for flinching so i did that to her and shes like ow ok my turn im like no because i didnt flinch and i said oh ya well 0ne for B****ing and she said im not talking to you anymore and i said fine but when i bought candy she said can i have a piece and i said but your not talking to me remember and she said oh now i am…..

how do friends work, one second there like oh shes my best friend then a second later there like i dont want to talk to her anymore because i dont like you and then when youve got something they want their like oh now were friends grr…..

school is not cool

ok so i started school two weeks ago and i was the new girl and i had a new friend the minute i got there. the next class i already had a hater too. that hater said oh yea are you emo and im like nah i dont even look emo and shes like yes you do i dont lke you im like i dont care and shes like cuz your emo im like wow…

…ok so now she said me and my friend were lesbians and im like why do you like to make up thing i know youve been talking about me because everyone is telling me then shes like oh i never said tht so and so did and that was like her best friend im like ya blame it on best friend then i confronted so and so and she said ya i did say it only cu i was mad at you…

…ok so and so said that the girl from the begining of this is cool with me and now im confused cuz didnt it start of with her talikng about me??? 

Why Is It…

why is it that guys try to show off to there friends and try to put you down. well i know he likes me so i dont have to worry about a thing so ya.why is it that when you dye your hair a certain color it just doesnt stay in. why is it that no one can answer these particular things. all i think about is why is it that boys are really freaken stupid……….


its so weird i have a feeling this guy likes me and hes calling me pikachu and stuff and all he does is bother me. then theres a nother guy wholaughs with me and at me and now im scared because everyone is telling me we should go out and and that he likes me and i dont like him like that and i dont know why he like me because i think im ugly and fat and i dont know why he does whitch gets me thinken i should stop eating shouldnt i after tomorrow though cuz i want to start on a friday i hate love and love hates me………….


i am so freeken scared of love i meen we all sa it to someone and ot meening it but we also all eventually find the right person…ok some of us… well im at the age where im more like the first pat where im just saying it to say it. i change my mind about liking another guy other than my ex i just do i dont really like the other guy and i figured that out for myself the hard way(hes really weird)i really like my ex still and now im really sad cuz hes not talking to me now that i told him i still have feelings for him.he has a girlfriend now too and im soo soo soo sad………

Who Do I Trust

well i go to school and theres always people that has problems with you and i have few. One girl was a b**** to me on my first day there and all im hearing is that shes calling me a lesbian and i confronted her and she said oh well its this girl and im like oh really so if i went up to her and asked her if she said anything ses not ganna tell me it was you and shes like maybe idk  so i dont know who to trust.

Do i Forgive or Forget

i broke up with my boyfriend and then i found out my best friend asked him out even before i even broke up with him do i forgive or forget and now i dont even know do i chose my crus now or sob over my ex…

What is love

after awhile i feel like love is not real but i feel something for one guy and i miss my ex so I dont know what to do…I broke up with my boyfriend because i thought i didnt feel anyting for him but i did and now he has a girlfrend…but then theres another guy and hes not the hottest guy but hes cool and thats what i like and i can so tell he likes me…


well i hate school i wish is was exciting but its not so yepp